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I guess there’s more than one way of getting out of going to work.

Hey before the last bump there were two people on the back.

So leaning up aganst the board holding your truck up while welding on
what seems to be the gas tank. Yeah nothing can go wrong here.

Hmm, is it illegal to wear your helmet upside down?

Duct tape has a new usage, making extension ladders.

You know, sometimes I get that feeling I’m being pulled in different directions.

After a few drinks they started to question the
relationship between electricity and water.

They have $ 200 in shoes on top but can’t afford $ 10 for some rope or straps.

Dude, where’s the marshmallows?

Wouldn’t it have been easier to just tie them end to end and then tow them in?

Look what I found ma, can I keep him?
I promise I’ll feed and take care of him.

Now someone had to help load that.
I’m amazed they were able to get it to stay one while they tied it.

But honey, you said to take the baby out for a stroll.

If you want people to be able to pull the tabs off the sheet,
it helps to put it on the outside of the window.

Yeah I wouldn’t want to be right behind this guy either.

That extra few seconds it would have taken
to pull around to another pump wasn’t worth it.

Hey was just trying to prove he doesn’t flinch
when someone else shoots their gun.

What do you say to the cabinet maker
when he pulles up to your new house loaded like this?

If it goes I go. I wonder if the driver swerved once or twice just for fun?

Now what could go wrong here?

Dress – $ 50, Earrings – $ 100, being an idiot on national tv – Priceless.

Wouldn’t you hate to see this going down the freeway.

It was about then when she wondered, how fast can this car go?

What happens when that last brain cell dies.
Man for some reason my feet are getting hot.

Now did they ride it up to get it on top?

By the look of that belly, I think she needs to do it the old fashion way and walk.

I’d be willing to bet, this was not the idea of the guy in the striped shirt.

Hey, I’m wearing my hard hat, it will protect me.

These guys weren’t smart like the others, they didn’t even use duct tape.

10 minutes cutting him out, 45 explaining to him you are not a cat,
just because your head will fit doesn’t mean your body will.

I guess standing on two ladders while holding the bucket is more stable.

We had to move it quick, didn’t have time to take a few bolts out.

Hey they have used stones to hold up castles, I’m sure they will hold my truck up.

All you need here to be a real redneck is a guy on the lawnmower with a beer.

Once again, I’d bet this idea was not from the guy in the white coat.

Balance makes a smooth and perfect paint job.

How would you like to be behind this one?

Man, trying to get that last corner is going to kill us.

Now when you do this and you figure it out,
do you take the hose back to the gas station?

I’m not sure which one is smarter, the guy standing on the back of the forklift
or the guy standing between them.

Interesting enough, that is an extension ladder
that would have extended almost to that height.

After a few drinks to steady his nerves, he said ok,
I can do this witout falling into the water with a drill in hand.

I just see some serious potential for something to go wrong here.

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